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The Secret To Fatloss- and it isn't sexy!


110kg to 86kg....HOW?

The Secret To FatLoss, the holy grail in the fitness industry. We have companies spending billions of dollars on advertisements and marketing telling you how their product, supplement, program is the SECRET and is the only way to lose body fat. Their unique selling points and marketing strategies are always to make it seem simple, make it seem like you don't have to work that hard and they make seem like it is QUICK.

Well......... I hate to tell you but the stuff that works, isn't quick, isn't sexy, isn't easy and take ALOT of work!


Lets look at my results. I think I have done pretty well so lets look at what it took.........



Was it some magical supplement? Nope

Was it a superior diet that only one company sells? Nope

Was it some influencer telling me how they did it but actually they just had lipo? Nope

It was really simple, I created a calorie deficit .......for a long time!

It sounds super boring and simple but it is the only way to lose weight and body fat, by eating less than what your body needs.

Lets look at some terms.

Maintenance Calorie- eating the number of calories your body needs to maintain current weight.

Calorie Surplus- Eating more calories than what your body needs there for you gain weight.

Calorie Deficit- Eating less calories than what your body needs there for you lose weight.

So I created a calorie deficit and where most people go wrong is either; they work out their deficit wrong, fail to track their calories accurately or just bin it off all together because they didn't get a six pack in 6 days.

It took months and months of tracking what I ate in order to get abs. Now I wasn't super strict the whole time, I allowed for social occasions and periods of increased calories but on the whole I ate what I tracked and my body predictably lost weight and the appropriate rate.

It takes longer than what you think and you will need to go without certain thing and make big changes when socialising and change usual eating habits.


Weight Training

Again it isn't a sexy program with wierd and wonderful exercises that big ass social media stars push using bullshit equipment like booty bands or crazy terms like 'activation' exercises.

Its basic training programs, using tried and tested movements, with scientifically proven principles of training progressed over time......a long time.

Again results do not come in weeks, the body doesn't change that quickly. It takes a long time to develop muscle mass and utilize fat stores. So the next time you see a bull shit program online promising you a big chest, booty, abs, shoulder or any other body part in 4 weeks you can pretty much assume its full of shit. Basic principles work.

  • Train each body part at least twice per week

  • Train heavy in a rep range of 6-30 reps

  • Train close to muscular failure

  • Focus on big movements like squats not fucking glute kick back an stair master leg lifts.

  • Progressively lift heavier weight for more reps

  • Realise it will take alot more work and effort than you think

Weight training principles are simple once you know them. The key is doing the basics and doing them well, especially as a beginner. The boring simple shit works.



Now forever and a day I was one of them fat guys that said you didn't need cardio and you could do it all through diet alone and weight training. Now that is definitely can but if you value your snap you will end up having to do cardio in order to create your calorie deficit and ultimately lose body fat.

There are two ways to create a calorie deficit; eat less, move more.

You cannot keep eating less and less because ultimately you will be on dust and ain't no body got time for that.

So the other option is moving more. Now sure, weight training will burn calories but not that many, however steady state cardio burns quite alot of calories with minimal effort.

I started off with 2 sessions of 30 minutes cardio keeping my heart rate at 130-140 beats per min. That would equate to around 350 cals burnt during a session, over time I increased the amount of sessions I performed and the duration I performed them for thus increasing calorie expenditure.

You have to increase these variables because as you get fitter your body adapt so what would cause a 300 cal burn in 4 months time would only cause a 150 cal burn (for example)

HIIT vs Steady state

There is a big debate at the minute as to what is better for fatloss HIIT ( high intensity interval training) vs steady state cardio. To keep it short, I prefer steady state. Sure it takes long per session but because you aren't fatuguing your self as much during that session you can perform more through out the week meaning greater amount of calories burnt.

HIIT- 3 sessions x 500 cals = 1500 cals

Can't do anymore because intensity is too high

Steady state- 5 x 500cal = 2500 cals

Can perform more sessions due to lower intensity.

Cardio is a great way to create a calorie deficit whilst keeping food intake high.


10,000 steps

I walked ALOT.

General activity like steps is such an over looked thing when it comes to fat loss.

Most of us have sedentary lifestyle and jobs. We sit down all day, we have machines to do every day tasks for us. Gone are the days where everything was done by hand and there wasn't connivance around every corner to make our lives easier. That being said one of the things definitely within our control are our steps.

As VERY rough guestimates, 1000 steps is about 60 cals. 10,000 steps a day =600 cals x 7 days=...........ALOT OF CALORIES.

4,200 cals to be precise. Over the course of a year that is a huge amount of energy expenditure.

ok ok 218,000 calories. Here is the cool bit. 1lb of pure fat is approximately 3500 cals. so with rough math in a year you can burn 62.4 lbs of fat. Now of course this doesn't happen because the calories we consume ofsets that deficit. However just imagine if you only walked 5000 steps per day?????? you half the amount of calories you burn through out the year.

Now let me assure you, alot of people that I have worked with in the pat can sometimes struggle to walk just 2000 steps through out the day. Let that sink in.

Granted there was alot of number crunching there!

The message is simple, walk, keep general activity high and your calorie expenditure will be high.


These are the simple methods I used to lose significant body fat and maintain as much muscle as possible. Now I promise you, it might not be sexy, it might not be quick, it might take long than you expected but.........IT FUCKING WORK!

And if you want to get into the best shape of your life drop me a email and lets have a chat.

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