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What progress really looks like?! Fuckers!

Progress....whether that be weight loss, weight gain, fat loss, muscle building, strength forming, whatever your progressive goals are there is an expectation to what the progress should look like.

Now from experience I can tell you this for a fucking fact! You set your self a goal and you expect your progress to look something like this.

Now if your goal is to loose weight the graph above is probably what you are expecting.

A nice gradual (or probably rapid) drop in weight, consistently reassuring you that you are doing the right thing. Your eating right, your not cheating on your diet, your training consistently your taking your supplements........well my little snowflakes I hate to tell you this but realistically your progress will actually look something more like this.

Shocked? Bit of realism kicking in? dissapointed? Well unfortunately the truth of the matter is this, nothing is ideal in life and nothing is as straight forward as it seems!

Progress is very much an up and down process. Shit happens , life happens, socializing happens and these things get in the way of our perfect approach to fitness and nutrition.

Even though shit happens and we have ups and down the key thing to remember is, It doesn't matter where you start it is where you finish that counts!

The chart above show my weight loss during a cut over a one month period. This is actual weight loss taken from this year. I started off at around 103kg. Straight off the bat I dropped some weight but in a week I had put it all back on again. But why?

Well for 5 days I was 100% on point with my diet and training made good progress then.......I went away to the lake district. I stayed in a hotel attached to a pub, I drank real ale (a lot of) and ate country food like, pasties, pies, cakes (a lot of). As a result of this I gained the weight back. Did I freak out? Maybe a little bit however I knew this would happen.

Over the next 7 days I trained like a beast and kept my diet on point and lost a big 5kg!!! Big weight loss matey with a good proportion of that coming from fat. but then guess what happened? Takeaway, beer and work. The combination of all 3 helped me achieve a 3 kg weight gain! bollocks but fuck it. Friend come round, you have a laugh you want to enjoy yourself!! And that's what life is about. Enjoying your self when you can but making sure its not all the fucking time!

Over the next week and a half the consistency came back and I got my self down to an all time low of 98 kg. Mainly because I didn't have time to socialise and everything was on point!

Now whats the moral of the story? Well......lets focus on the graph.

It would be very easy to focus on the increases in weight and spikes in the wrong direction.That is understandable. Your working your arse off for some of the time and you don't think anything can get in your way....but it does and it will!

Its called fucking life. Instead look at the big picture! Take into account where you started and see where you got to over a period of time. You will see that the progress you have made is dramatic!

The key messages I am trying to get across to you are these;

1) No matter what the goal it will not be a straight A to B journey.

2) Life will and SHOULD get in the way, we aren't all professional physique athletes!

3) Ups and downs are to be expected. No end of shit can cause you to have lulls in intensity!

4)Look at the big picture. DON'T focus on your progress on a daily basis. Look at where you started and then look where you are at now!

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