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Why I left the NHS to be Online Fitness Coach?

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

11 years and counting that's how many years I have been a paramedic. A profession I worked hard to attain and progress in. So why would I leave it all behind to start my own fitness business. A business in a industry that is saturated with personal trainers, online fitness gurus and celebrities selling fad fat loss products. Well......passion. I became a paramedic in order to help people, help them be healthier individuals. I quickly realised that as a paramedic I was getting to people too late, the damage to the heart from obesity had happened, the stroke had already occurred, the diabetes caused through poor diet had already taken hold of the patient. As a paramedic I was and still mopping up. Treating patients when the damage was already done. Powerless to massively influence behavioral and lifestyle changes in patients that I know needed it the most. That in it self was frustrating to say the least but I quickly realised that the changes, information an guidance those people needed the most was neglected by the NHS. Unfortunately doctors opt for quick fixes that are unsustainable, they opt for medicating over educating and long term investments into peoples health through personal training, nutrition educating and behavioral coaching is disregarded.

I started APEX in my garage, giving 1 2 1 personal training on my back yard along side working full time as a paramedic. Initially coaching was a way of earning a little extra money by doing something I loved. As I gained more and more clients and the results became more known through social media it became obvious that I was having a positive impact on clients physical and mental health. The feedback I was getting was amazing and I felt as though what I was doing was making a massive difference to peoples lives. As well as getting better results with clients I also raised my social media game. Developing my own unique style, I call it being 'The Dark Side' of the fitness industry. This style resonated with certain groups of people and my no fad no BS approach gave me a somewhat reputable reputation. In 2020 I made the decision to focus on my passion, the business full time. It was time to fully commit to progressing the company and expanding my services. I went part time as a paramedic in March 2020 became a full time online fitness coach. It was a difficult time due to the pandemic but we muddled through and I have never looked back. Focusing on the business has enabled me to spend more time on my clients, promoting my programs and improving my social media presence. Now here we are. Continuing to grown, move into new fields with the main goal to help as many people stay as healthy as possible through evidence based training methods and simple but effective nutrition coaching.

Talking of which........ if you want to get into the best shape of your life, imp

rove your health and generally feel better why don't you consider signing up to one of my online coaching programs. Click the link below for more details

There are lots of things coming for APEX and the journey so keep an eye out including my first ever physique bodybuilding competition. More coming in further blogs.




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